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    The economy is projected to expand by 1.9% in 2022 and
    2.1% in 2023. Consumption will be supported by the
    gradual improvement in the labour market, remittances,
    and the increasing share of the population vaccinated.
    Exports will continue to benefit from deep integration in
    global value chains and a gradual recovery in tourism.
    Planned public infrastructure projects will benefit
    investment. Inflation will stand at 6.9% in 2022 and edge
    down to 4.4% in 2023.

    It is the nation’s 4 star – and above – hotels that are proving to be the most popular choices when it comes to the accommodation
    preferences of tourists, with such hotels being advertised at higher rates than those throughout the U.S. and Canada.
    For example, in the month of December of 2021 – when many countries around the world were not even open for tourists – Mexico saw
    the average price of their 4 star (and above) hotel rooms being advertised at around $280.

    This figure outweighed the average price of the equivalent
    standard of hotel room in the U.S., during the same time, by
    more than $100 – with the United States seeing their average
    price of a night at a 4 star (and above) hotel being sold for $160.
    The accommodation choices for tourists visiting Mexico are also
    proving to be significantly higher in cost compared to
    pre-pandemic times – with STR sales executive Rico Louwe
    recently confirming that “hotels are charging much more than in

    What Makes Mexico's
    Labor Rates Competitive

    For years, Mexico has attracted foreign businesses mainly
    because of its competitive labor rates. For example, the
    average hourly wage for production operators in Mexico is
    about $3.50 (USD) per hour. Even skilled laborers, like
    production engineers, receive a much lower income
    compared to the U.S. because Mexico’s cost of living is lower.
    IVEMSA has found that, on average, businesses see a 40 – 50%
    savings in labor costs in Mexico.


    Mexico closed 2021 with 31 million tourists, who brought
    US$18.5 billion in revenue.

    As reported by the World Tourism Organization, Mexico
    remains the most visited country in Latin America in 2020 (as
    it was in 2019). In fact, it became the third most visited
    destination worldwide during the pandemic year, despite
    losing 46.5% of its visitors.

    The Mexican tourism sector is recovering. The average annual
    hotel occupancy expectation for 2021 was estimated at 45.9
    percent, a 19.9-point growth from 2020.

    The tourism sector represented 7.1 percent Mexico’s GDP for
    2021 and is forecasted to represent 8.3 percent in 2022.

    LUXURY HOTELS IN MEXICO - CATEGORY ANALYSIS – Source: Euromonitor International Dec -2021

    ▪ Retail value sales increase by 33% in 2021 to MXN20.1 billion
    ▪ Punta Bete SA de CV is the leading player in 2020, with a retail value share of 14%
    ▪ Retail sales are expected to grow at a current value CAGR of 26% (2021 constant value CAGR of 22%) over the forecast period

    Sales in Luxury Hotels: Value 2016-2021


    The region around the Mexican Caribbean seems to be
    recovering the fastest, even if it is still far below the figures
    of two years ago as well. The contribution of this region
    alone to the GDP is forecast to grow by 47.3%, compared to
    2020. Similarly, per capita tourist spending is forecast to
    increase by over 60%. Notably, this development will also
    create up to 12% more jobs, which is particularly important
    given that around a quarter of all jobs in the region were
    lost during the pandemic. Globally, on the other hand, an
    increase of only 0.7% is expected.

    Cancun International Airport is the main point of entry for
    the majority of the millions of tourists that have visited the
    Mexican Caribbean , which 2021 is positioned as the 10th
    place among the busiest airports in the world., with 12.3
    millions of tourists.(1)
    Recently published statistics show that more than 20
    million people have transited through Cancun’s airport
    between January and August 2022. And with four months
    left in the year, that number is projected to climb
    Projections show that should the momentum continue,
    the airport is well on its way to reaching 26 million
    passengers by the end of the year.

    1. Airports Council International (ACI)
    2. Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (Asur)


    Mexico has around 12% of the planet’s
    biodiversity. (UNEP-WCMC)
    The Yucatan Peninsula has 30% of the total.


    Quintana Roo has 11 Natural Protected Areas,
    that delimit because of their biological, cultural
    or historical wealth, in such a way that it seeks to
    regulate or impede the activity of man to
    preserve or restore them.


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